Exclusive corporate website design

طراحی سایت شرکتی

Designing a corporate website is a must for every company today. Nowadays, most of the people do not go to the market or shops to buy the product they want because they are very busy and also the traffic in the streets, and they prefer to make their purchases directly from store or company websites. give Designing a corporate website suitable for your brand can be a good opportunity for more sales and comfort for customers.

Features of a corporate website

طراحی اختصاصی سایت شرکتی

The features of a company's website can be mentioned in several cases, of course, there are many cases, of which we will discuss some of the main examples here.

1. Designing a professional user interface so that the user can enjoy seeing the site when she enters the site and can also easily interact with the site and receive the services she wants.

2. Website security is one of the most important things. When a user enters your site, if your site is not secure and from the protocol https Or the same ssl If it is not used, the user cannot trust the device and enter her personal information or make a purchase.

At Etree Web, we provide you with free ssl for designing a company website for free after purchasing your desired host, which will be renewed every 3 months for free.

3. The loading speed of the corporate website is one of the things that should be paid much attention to, because in addition to the user's experience, the loading speed of the site in the context SEO which Google pays a lot of attention to can be very important. At Etree Web, we have prepared a powerful and suitable host for your company website, which will load your website easily and at high speed.

4. Design Responsive The corporate website or the reactive one, which we all know about its high importance.

Website support

You can get our free support after designing your corporate website, and as long as you can master all the website tasks, such as adding content, solving technical problems of the website, etc., we will support you.

Corporate website design price

قیمت طراحی سایت شرکتی

The price of designing a corporate website varies depending on the number of specific pages and the features you are looking for, but we guarantee that the price that will be offered to you will be below the price of other competitors and will be of the highest quality. We do not use ready-made templates in Etree Web and all websites will be designed exclusively.

Download the list of facilities and prices of a dedicated corporate website

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