Who is the website designer?

A web designer is actually an IT specialist who is responsible for designing the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website.

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Web design It is one of the jobs in the digital world. A website designer can have different tasks and roles in a digital marketing company. The job of website design is one of those jobs that requires high skill and experience in getting website design. One of the distinctive features of website designers is to be introverted, and they want to work a lot with the system (the same as website design). The website design job is divided into two categories: back-end work and front-end work.

Back-end work mostly deals with codes that are not normally seen by the average person. Back and forth are also known as programmers.

Frontends mostly design the visual effects of the website and what you see on the website.

Now, which category of website design job would you like to be in? Back or front-end programmer?

Advantages of website design job:

  • The high prestige of the site designer
  • The possibility of working as a freelancer
  • No need for government work
  • The job is progressing
  • Solving the problem of the general public
  • High creativity at work
  • Flexibility of working conditions

What abilities should a website designer have?

طراح وب سایت

The abilities of a website creator are different, depending on what field of website design this creator is going to work in, he must have different abilities and things. The ability to work in a team, the ability to work continuously, the ability to communicate with people. Other, especially the employer, the ability to work in a short period of time, especially to fix website problems.

The website designer must have knowledge of coding and have sufficient command of web programming languages.

Web side programming languages like html, css, js, react, and if you want to know how to become a website designer, you must master these programming and markup languages.

The difficulties of the web design job

We understand so far in the article Web designer Who is, but the question that may arise is whether this job is difficult or not? In any case, every job has its own difficulties, but in general, it can be said that if you are interested in any field, the work is done because nothing can make you tired and depressed.

The only thing that can eliminate fatigue and lack of motivation in any job is the interest in that job. One of the difficulties of designing sat is that you have to be creative in this job and use your creativity every day to create the best and most unique sites.

Another difficulty of website design is that you have to constantly update your information and seek training and learning every day. You should constantly check the examples of different Iranian and foreign sites and select the sites that are attractive and include them in your portfolio so that you can use them for any project.

Among other difficulties Web design This means that you should improve your English language skills. A web designer should be able to read tutorials in the original language and should be able to improve his information from all sources.

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